We, at the University City Post, and as residents of the unique University City district of Philadelphia, are riding a wave of innovation and change. Individuals and groups within University City are solving far-reaching problems and creating an impact across the globe. Hence, the University City Post, aims to give these stories a voice and in the process, catalog innovation in the University City district of Philadelphia.

The University City Post was started in early 2017 by Drexel University student, Mohak Sharma, with the realisation that the University City district of Philadelphia was thriving with innovative ideas and the equally innovative people behind them. The University City Post was then started as a dedicated platform to feature innovation within the University City district and to highlight the people behind it.

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Meet the team! 


Mohak Sharma – Founder and Editor-in-chief, The UC Post

An automotive enthusiast by birth, Mohak has a passion for technology and mindset built for design. He is a current student at Drexel University pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Economics