WeGardn: Bringing local organic produce to your doorstep

As consumers are trending towards health-conscious eating, fresh organic produce has been becoming increasingly popular amongst young city dwellers. And as time is getting more and more precious, consumers are finding it immensely difficult to travel to far off organic grocery stores. Drexel University graduate Greg Donworth and his partners aim to close the gap between food producers and consumers, and create a more sustainable food chain with their upcoming venture, WeGardn.

Presenting WeGardn, an online marketplace which connects local producers and farmers to consumers without the intricacies of a supply chain, providing local organic produce to consumers at the touch of a button. With escalating health consciousness and advancing internet connectivity, door-to-door services like WeGardn are trying to woo consumers with busy yet wholesome lifestyles. WeGardn, accessible through a web browser as well as an app, enables consumers to shop through its online marketplace, and get organic groceries delivered to their doorstep within a specified time frame.


Research shows that over forty percent of the produce in America is lost due to inefficiencies in the supply chain before it reaches consumer markets like a local organic grocery store. Though there are plenty of ventures which promise to deliver organic produce from around the world to your doorstep, WeGardn in contrast connects local producers directly to consumers, and in turn, increases efficiency in the supply chain by delivering produce directly from local farmers. Moreover, WeGardn’s business model supports local producers, and hence, contributes in a sustainable way to the local economy.

Launching its services this May in Philadelphia, WeGardn will be operating within a radius of 150 miles, providing fresh organic produce from local producers in that given area. WeGardn aims to further launch its services in Washington D.C. and Baltimore by summer 2017 and in other cities such as Atlanta and Austin by winter 2017.


Drexel University alumni Greg Donworth co-founded WeGardn after a successful innings at WindiGo Turbines during his time as a mechanical engineering major at Drexel. He has since then partnered with Katie DeLorenzo, a former consultant at Goldman Sachs, Tee Anderson, a professional computer programmer, and Tim Offner, a former U.S. Air Force analyst, to launch WeGardn. As a powerful mix of environmentalists, entrepreneurs, creators, and visionaries, the team of four is all set to launch its online marketplace this May.

To know more about WeGardn, click here.


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